Client Testimonials

"I'm very pleased to be here recording with Colin, at JSR Studios. It's been a blast!"
-Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash)

"This is a great studio. I love the vibe!"
- Slash (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver) 

"Our experience at John Schwab Recording Studios for our two EPs was both enjoyable and professional throughout the entire process. Colin, our engineer, was very helpful in assisting us to get the best possible sound while providing us options and feedback based on his expertise and assessment of our style. He was attentive to our expectations and did everything to deliver the finished product we had been hoping for and more. We have used the studio for two albums and would recommend JSR Studios to our peers for any project of any type!"
- Jef Shaffer (The Lovebenders)

"Colin, your mix sounds amazing! I don't think I've ever gotten a mix back that I've been that happy with! I chose you and JSR based on the mixes I'd heard from other bands, and you really exceed those high expectations! So, thank you!!!!"
- Jonathan Hayes (Easy Tiger)

"JSR Studios is hands down the best of the best. They displayed nothing but professionalism during the entire recording process, which made for a great experience. Their professionalism shined even brighter once we were in the studio. Not only is JSR equipped with top of the line equipment, but more importantly they are equipped with top of the line engineers and staff. Colin is an absolute magician behind the controls. That combined with the amount of patience, understanding, experience, and advice I received while recording there was more than enough to earn my business for any and all future projects I may have. I offer no referral outside of JSR Studios."
- Christopher M. Edwards  (Northern Lights)

"When needing a quick yet professional jingle, Colin at John Schwab Recording Studios was very helpful and efficient. Our jingle writer/performer went into the studio with several ideas and through experimentation and collaboration with the engineer, a final version of the jingle was done in a matter of hours! To take things even further, when asked down the road by our production companies to provide different versions of the jingle (various edits, sans vocal, etc.), Colin was happy to assist us with lightning fast turnaround, making sure we met all our deadlines and budget requirements. Thanks so much!"
- Kemba Financial Credit Union

"Simply put, the folks at JSR Studios are amazing. Their top-notch skills on both the production and sound engineering fronts have made all of my musical visions come to life in ways I would have thought unfathomable.  What is even better is their services are provided in a stress free and affordable environment.  What more could you ask for?"
- Will Gorrell

"Recording at JSR Studios is great because not only do you get access to great recording gear, but you can tap into the wealth of songwriting and producing knowledge that their staff possesses. I wouldn't record anywhere else!"
- Eric Morgan (Vianova)

"We just finished recording our most recent album at JSR Studios and I have to give kudos once again to Colin and his team for their solid engineering competence, organized schedule, and attention to detail.  Even though we’re on a small independent label, we still want some of that “beyond our budget” production, and I think that’s what JSR Studios provides to bands at our level.  Save your basement for rehearsing, and storing Christmas tree ornaments. Go to JSR Studios and get the best recording of your music.”  
- Tom Barrett (Blatant Finger)

"Recording at JSR has always been an exciting and productive experience for me. The rooms and recording equipment are top of the line, and the engineers are of the highest caliber. They always provide professional sound and a comfortable recording environment. I highly recommend JSR Studios to any recording artist."
- Brian McGuckin (Session Drummer)

"I began a music project at another studio and needed to fix issues and improve my project for CD release. Based upon my research and word of mouth I took my music project to JSR Studios. I was fortunate enough to have Colin as my engineer. He is immensely talented. His Pro Tools skills are amazing. He understands the software's capabilities and limitations and wastes no time manipulating the production software to bring about great results. Colin also has a great ear for what makes sense musically and is solid with musical arrangement. With Colin's help, the final product/project I received exceeded my expectations."
- John Subler

"My Columbus, Ohio based animation production company, Mechanical Lizard Productions (, did some voice recording sessions this past weekend with JSR Studios. They created such a comfortable environment for the actors to record in, and were extremely professional and helpful throughout the entire two days of recording that I would not hesitate to head straight back there for any future voice recording needs. Thanks a ton!"
- Thomas Richner, President of Mechanical Lizard Productions, LLC

"JSR Studios is a great experience for recording music. It's an inviting, comfortable place, and I've always enjoyed my interaction with the engineers. They are professional in their approach, and committed to achieving the best sound possible."
- Kyle Wray (The Lovebenders)

"JSR studios is one of Ohio's premier recording studios. The studio is in pristine condition with state-of-the-art software and hardware and truly a great place to record your music. I've worked with producer Colin Coffey for 4+ years now and have recorded two full-length albums with JSR. I recommend them to everyone! He is a very talented and experienced engineer and producer and is also more than capable of mixing and mastering any type of project. A highly professional studio with excellent pricing."
- Mike Wojniak

"It's nice to have a world-class studio in Columbus. Every session is always a great time and a terrific product, at a very reasonable price. The staff always goes above and beyond on all the projects that I have had the pleasure of doing in this establishment."
- George Mobley

“JSR is my go-to studio when I want professional results in a timely fashion. I am constantly impressed with their knowledge and skill in regards to recording and Pro Tools, and appreciate the musicality and creativity they bring to every session. They took 4 simple songs and made art of out them. Their attention to detail, creative ear, and vision for my music is nothing short of amazing, and I'll never be able to thank them enough.”
- Dominique De Biasio

"Just finished the 'Captain Jim' project at JSR and could not have been more pleased with the experience in the studio, as well as the results. Engineer Joey Pasternak was superb in every way - knowledgeable, efficient and, most of all, patient. He was there to help out in every way, including bringing in top-shelf musicians to supplement what we were doing. The atmosphere at JSR is comfortable like a living room, with easy access and 5-star equipment. And you cannot beat the rates. I'm looking forward to the next (of hopefully many) projects at JSR."
- Doug Tracy

"JSR Studios' professionalism, accompanied by their charisma is a rare balance today. Their ability to listen and know what their clients are looking for is a true gift. They are always very accommodating and their knowledge of the trade and musical insight allowed us to be truly relaxed. Studios with the technology, experience and an atmosphere of professionalism are very rare in this area; JSR Studios represents the true professional studio in Columbus.”
- Lee Grant, Minister of Music - New Birth Christian Ministries

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working at JSR Studios. The atmosphere is both amiable and professional. Colin Coffey, a very experienced and knowledgeable sound engineer, has recently assisted me in producing my own EP’s. He has given invaluable suggestions as to how I can improve my music without infringing upon my creativity. He has also tirelessly devoted himself to finalizing and mastering my projects with great proficiency and timeliness. Because of my confidence in Colin’s expertise and reliability, I have chosen to continue recording at JSR.”
- Keirre Lewis (Composer)

“Best experience I've ever had in a studio. I'm a hobbyist but I was treated like an equal. Diego and Colin took great care of me, and Colin's honesty and skills on the board gave me a finished product that I'm very happy with. I will be going back again.” 
- Vincent Hart

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